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If your business was a movie… What would you put in the trailer?

cinema_audienceMovie trailers are designed with only one thing in mind…  to sell cinema seats!   These vignettes of the main movie are usually cut together without the film’s director, so it’s not about showing the original vision, or showcasing the most artistic shots – it’s about grabbing the viewer’s attention in such a way that they will a) want to go and see the film, and b) remember that they want to see the film after sitting through the film they came to see in the first place.

So we are aiming for an experience that is memorable with a call to action.  What is there in your business that can bring the same feelings to your potential customers?  You might not have a special effects budget or any Hollywood stars, but ‘independant film’ has the same challenges and still has to pull in cinema goers.

Perhaps the best place to start is with a the question -“Why should people see this film?”, or rather “Why should people buy our products & services?”

That question usually leads into a whole discussion about what makes your business unique…  If you ask around your office it’s sure bet that someone soon points out your ‘unique customer service’, like no other business has ever thought of looking after their customers!

So, back to the point.  Unless you want to make a documentary (or a comedy) about how your busness works you are probably best to stick with a tried and tested formula.


VOICEOVER:  In a world…  where good Accountants/Widget makers/Handymen (Delete as appropriate, or insert your own description!) are in short supply.  One company dares to standout amongst the competition.    This Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter see Accountacy performed/Widgets made/Men being handy, like never before.


VOICEOVER:  Company Name presents Product/Service.  Coming to an Office/Factory/Place where handy people work near you.



Speak to a wider audience and make the most of your engagements

speaker_videoIf you were wondering whether or not to do that business presentation that your colleague has been badgering you to do for the last few months, the answers is ‘YES – DO IT!!’ In fact, seek out these opportunities. Public speaking can be great for your business, especially if you make the most out of the opportunity and capture it on video.

On the face of it, it’s a bit of a pain to go to all the trouble of writing a presentation for the sake of the fifty or so people attending the event. You may not necessarily gain any business from the room, your energies could be spent on more beneficial projects at the office. Standing up in front of a room full of people isn’t the most comfortable experience for many people.

Take a step back, and you can see things a bit differently. By videoing the presentation and putting it on your website or YouTube channel, you turn that talk into a whole different ball game with a wealth of benefits for your business.

Firstly, you’ll increase your viewers exponentially. It doesn’t matter how many people you present to in the room, the internet has the power to reach billions of people.

Once online, that video can continue to work for years after the presentation.

Content is key. Adding new articles and video on your website is great for your Google rankings. One small 30 minute presentation can be split into at least ten small bite sized videos that will keep your website in new material for months. If you don’t fancy doing the full presentation, a Q and A session could be equally as beneficial – one video per question. Not a bad way to make video mileage.

Lastly, Big companies are always trying to personalise their brand by doing little things such as making their staff wear name badges. Many small companies try to do the opposite and make their brand look bigger by depersonalising it.

By putting a face to the brand, presenting your products or services to a room full of people will instantly give you credibility and expertise. Far from being amateur, it puts your spokesperson up there with Steve Jobs & Richard Branson. New customers are more likely to trust you if they’ve seen you on a few videos. You have the power to reach out to people and sell to them without even trying.

So next time you get an opportunity to do a presentation for someone – go for it!

Mark Zuckerberg endorses the future of Web Video at Mobile World Congress

MCW16We have been saying for sometime (in fact, since we were founded…) that video will be the future of the internet.  It seems that Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has finally caught up with our stance, and now shares our opinion.

During his keynote chat on stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona #MWC16, Zuckerberg covered a lot of ground about the future of 5G phone networks, Virtual Reality, and the challenges of bring Facebook to countries with limited connectivity.

Crucially, on the matter of Video he was clear about the benefits and Facebook’s future position. A public figure will be able to connect directly to the people, video means a lot more to the average person. “It gives people a more intimate and raw environment to just be themselves with the people they love.”

Mobile bandwidth will allow live streaming of video without any buffering, so sharing self made video with family and friends will become the norm.

Like it or not, this will mean that if small businesses want to communicate with their clients,  they will need to be making use of video commercially.