Video & Web

Ethical Statement

Some things matter more than money...

Welcome to our ethical statement. Just to be clear – we don’t mind if you eat meat & we never wear sandals with socks (neither should you).

We have an Ethical Statement because we once watched the Muppet Movie and dreamed we could change the world for the better.  It’s tough trying to change the whole world, so we are starting here at Video & Web.

That’s why we decline to build websites and make films for any individual or company involved in the manufacture and sale of weapons. The only thing we like to shoot around here is movies.

We embrace diversity; therefore don’t provide services for those engaged in the promotion of hate; whether that be via the internet, speech or action. We won’t help businesses to promote products that we believe are bad for people or will make peoples lives harder. Examples of this are Tobacco products, foods with little nutritional value, Timeshare schemes, anything that exploits or divides people.

We are choosy about the work we do and encourage you to be the same. That way we will soon knock the world into better shape.