If your business was a movie… What would you put in the trailer?

cinema_audienceMovie trailers are designed with only one thing in mind…  to sell cinema seats!   These vignettes of the main movie are usually cut together without the film’s director, so it’s not about showing the original vision, or showcasing the most artistic shots – it’s about grabbing the viewer’s attention in such a way that they will a) want to go and see the film, and b) remember that they want to see the film after sitting through the film they came to see in the first place.

So we are aiming for an experience that is memorable with a call to action.  What is there in your business that can bring the same feelings to your potential customers?  You might not have a special effects budget or any Hollywood stars, but ‘independant film’ has the same challenges and still has to pull in cinema goers.

Perhaps the best place to start is with a the question -“Why should people see this film?”, or rather “Why should people buy our products & services?”

That question usually leads into a whole discussion about what makes your business unique…  If you ask around your office it’s sure bet that someone soon points out your ‘unique customer service’, like no other business has ever thought of looking after their customers!

So, back to the point.  Unless you want to make a documentary (or a comedy) about how your busness works you are probably best to stick with a tried and tested formula.


VOICEOVER:  In a world…  where good Accountants/Widget makers/Handymen (Delete as appropriate, or insert your own description!) are in short supply.  One company dares to standout amongst the competition.    This Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter see Accountacy performed/Widgets made/Men being handy, like never before.


VOICEOVER:  Company Name presents Product/Service.  Coming to an Office/Factory/Place where handy people work near you.




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